Embodying Shakti; Birthing a Living Transmission of Service

Blessed Be,
During this very powerful time, one of rapid growth and remembrance, as Consciousness expands to meet the vastness of Spirit, a time rich with great opportunity, transformation and evolution, as we weave Heaven with Earth, I Am asked to respond to the call…
The call to be of service in the name of Light and Love, to fully Embody this Truth as an act of Devotion. I Am asked to transmute any fear of being seen, received or judged in my total authentic expression, in my Power.
To step into Me, to offer my Self in a new, intimate way, sharing my gifts as a form of a Living Transmission.
To Be a channel for God to flow through, in whatever way is needed, in any given moment.

I have experienced much pain, challenge and fear on my journey of growth and transformation which are truly blessings that have served as a catalyst for this moment.
Through the Fire I walk, harnessing the Power of the flames to ignite and remember why I Am here. Along the way, I’ve been blessed to receive wisdom, support and guidance from angels in spirit, earth angels in the form of blood family, soul family, friends, beings whom I’ve met only once, all animals, the elements,  Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, the stars and all that exists in the unseen.
Thank You, to each person reading this now, as You have played a role in this moment, whether You understand what that is or not.
I believe We are All connected, without separation, as We Are All Infinite Beings of Source.
I believe that as I step into my Power, it will give others strength to do so too.
To rise, speak their voice unapologetically, with Love in their heart, as I am being asked to now.
I will not tell you it is easy, but we are not here to be a dim light in the face of fear. We are here to shine, our truest, most authentic, unique expression. To support one another with Love, for we are ALL each other’s family.
Brothers and Sisters, I bow to You. I honor You. You are Here for a reason.
I Am honored, with total Reverence, to birth this Creation by the Grace of Goddess.

In deepest Gratitude,
I share this Living, Loving Transmission with You.
Shalimar Latimer

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  1. Sweet and Divine Love,
    I am honored and blessed to have been witness to this birth. With your words, you are casting spells with your words and selfless intention to invoke the deepest understanding of our being. May this be the beginning of a new chapter. The continuation of your beautiful, adventurous and magical journey. Thank you for sharing your sacred space with me and receiving me for my truest Self. Blessed be the witches and wizards, the poets and artists, and all who have found Love in their authentic expression. Keep on jammin’, my darlings. 🌒🌝🌔⚡🔥✨

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